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Housing Prices Back Up Soon? Beat the Rush and Buy Now

22 Jun 2017 #

Why our house and land packages are your best option and why you should buy now before the Perth market goes back on the rise.

Recently, real estate experts have become optimistic about a recovery in the Perth housing market. Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) leader Hayden Groves, Housing Industry Association (HIA) director John Gelavis and Gavin Hegney, a valuation expert for builder Dale Alcock, are all of the opinion that Perth housing prices, which recently fell to a median of $515,000, are likely to have reached the lowest point we will see again. Even those who were slightly less optimistic about the market believe that prices will rise in 2018.

Mr Hegney is convinced that prices have not only hit the bottom, but are on the way back up. He believes that a lot of people have been trying to “time” the market and waiting for the bottom. He says that while the construction market is still slow, there are plenty of inquiries at Dale Adcock Homes.

What it Means for our House and Land Packages

At Origin Projects, we have a long record of successful land estates in the Perth market. We do extensive research and provide land in desirable suburbs for affordable prices. Sometimes we partner with builders to offer finished turnkey homes. Sometimes we sell you the land and let you find your own builder.

But the bottom line is that our land will never cost less than it does now. When we pay more for land, we have to charge more after we develop it. In addition, builders have to raise their prices as demand for housing goes up.

As it stands now, you can build a new home for less than a similar established home in many of our land estates. Not only is our land affordable, it is located in areas that are primed for capital growth in both the short term and long term.

We don’t know when prices are going to go up, but we do believe they aren’t going any lower than they are right now, nor is the interest rate. To learn more, call us today: (08) 6500 4488.